Best Masturbation Techniques For Men

Masturbation is good for both men and women. Men, in particular can benefit from solo sex because it actually can prevent prostate cancer. We know that men who are having at least a couple orgasms a week or more are actually getting the toxins out from their body. Through ejaculation, some of the toxins in the body can actually get out.

Psychologically, what happens to both the male and female brain and sex organs when they’re having sex is really amazing. For women, using both a vibrator and a dildo can actually strengthen their pelvic floor. That means when they have sex with their partner, it’s going to make the orgasms more intense, opposed to no masturbating and just waiting for sex.

In addition, masturbation can release all of these feel-good hormones, endorphins, oxytocin, all of these things that make you feel so good.

Manual Masturbation With Your Hands

Now, a lot of guys like to use moisturizer because it’s something that they just have at home. That’s totally fine, but most experts suggest that the best way to masturbate is by using lubricant. If you’re just using your hands, you can use any type of lubricant that you like. But if you ever do decide to buy some male masturbation toys, you better invest in water-based lubricant. It lasts a really long time so you get a load of lube. Since it’s nice and thick, it increases all the sensations and reduces friction so you have a really slick experience that’s going to feel absolutely incredible.

Mechanical Masturbations With Sex Toys

If you don’t see an alternative to manual masturbation, then there are absolutely loads of options out there but the most popular ones include;


A lot of people will be familiar with the fleshlight sex toy. It’s a popular male masturbator that looks like a flashlight. There are many different types of fleshlights. Most fleshlights are cast from an intimate body part or an exact replica of a woman vagina. Nevertheless, you can get non-anatomically correct fleshlights or something that is a little more discreet. This sex toy is made from a super subtle cyber skin which feels just like the real thing and inside, there’s an amazing texture so it adds a whole new dimension to masturbation.

Textured Stroker

This is something similar to the fleshlight but on a much smaller scale. It’s a double-sided clear stroker with a masturbation sleeve made up of a stretchy skin-safe material. You can pick two textures so you can put as much pressure on your penis as you like.

Vibrating Prostate Massager

Don’t forget guys, it’s not just your penis that has loads of nerve endings; it’s also your pee spots that’s located inside your anus. So that’s where something like vibrating prostate massager is very useful. This sex toy comes in a nice curve which presses against the pee spots. It has flared base and a bullet vibrator inside that you can turn on or off. You can insert this and use one of the male masturbation sleeves.

It’s all that experimentation and just finding out what combination of sensations works best for you. Just don’t forget to keep everything nice and hygienic so you can enjoy your toys over and over again.